AIQ Become a Personal Trainer
Essentials Level 2 and Level 3

Why should I take this course?

This package gives you exactly what you need to become a Personal Trainer and then go on and make a career from it.

Including the AIQ Certified and CIMSPA recognised Level 2 Gym Instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer Diploma 
This course is built by FASTER so you know that we have focussed on how we can best deliver the information in way that will allow you to be the best you can for your clients.  On top of this, we have added in lectures and content to make sure you can stay at the top of the industry and the forefront of the research.

All of the modules are taught to AIQ standards, and we have a system of standards measured by both AIQ and our own appointed outside assessor, to support our tutors who will work 1-1 with you to help you not only pass, but come out the other end of the course confident and ready to work with your new client base.

The Level 2 and 3 are delivered online and live in person, where we spend 2 days in a gym close to you where we can get access.  We teach one to one, and so assessments are carried out where you are the only student, allowing us to make sure you wont suffer with nerves, or have to waste your day waiting on others.  As this is one to one you can start on the material immediately.  We have all the lectures you would do in a classroom, pre-recorded online.  All the tasks you would complete in groups in a classroom are also online and we mark and feedback on all of them, so the experience is uniquely yours, making these courses ideal if you want to go through at speed, take your time, or if you find you need a break in the middle of them.  
As well as lessons, we have ebooks with your own notes system, assignments, live 1-1 practical training and 1-1 zoom support

An Example Lesson from each Course

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An Example of a Level 2 Lecture

This module would be followed by tasks, and zoom calls.  The associated ebook allows you to create a personal notes book in the system as well as highlight and ask direct questions from the book. 
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An Example of a Level 3 Lecture

As with Level 2 this module comes with an ebook, tasks and a 1-1 Zoom follow-up.  Also the Level 3 is working towards a comprehensive case study where programme design skills are vital.
Courses included

Become a Personal Trainer

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David Cooke

David served in the Army for 12 years before transferring to the Army Reserves. Most of his operational tours involved training indigenous Army, Police or Para military forces and as  an Officer Command regularly led his troops through training and preparation for deployments to various theatres of operation globally. This formed the basis of his passion of training people. The nuances between the psychological, social, emotional and physical aspects  of training are his passion and teaching Level 2, 3 and 4 courses really bring all of this together. As well as tutoring and assessing David runs a successful personal training and sports performance business as well as contracting to large fitness brands and gym chains providing consultancy on training methods, client support, staff up skill, workshops and programming.