Becoming a Personal Trainer is more than buying a course! 

For the best start book a FREE  career coaching call

In our coaching call we will be focussing on your career goal, and building back the courses to match your learning style and budget.  It is a great opportunity for FASTER to make sure you do not buy the wrong course too. Sometimes we will spend out time helping you find the right course and company because we cannot help you. 

To book a coaching call

  1. Click the link to send a WhatsApp message to our business account
  2. Write in this message  "Hi I want to book a career coaching call." (write text if you want to do it through messaging)
  3. If you just want a specific question answering, please feel free to message that too
  4. Then we will reply and set up a call or if you prefer, help you via WhatsApp messaging. 

Please note that this is not a sales call, so we will not send the latest offers or call / text follow ups unless you ask us to, in which case we will book a specific time and date for the follow up call or text and stick to that.
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An explainer video to help you choose the right Personal Training Course

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How to choose a Personal Training Course
- Video Notes

Watch the video to see how to choose a Personal Training course that will help you. 

Here is a summary of the steps - 
1 - Work out your budget, consider your cash flow and your ability to pay an up front fee
2 - Decide which courses you need to be qualified, we suggest L2/3 Personal Training Diploma as recognised by CIMSPA
3 - Decide which courses you need to be successful, we suggest a minimum of a course to improve your applied anatomy skills, a course to improve your programme design and a course with support group for your business.