Business, Presenting and Social Media for Personal Trainers

Business presenting and social media for personal trainers

FASTER is the company that focusses on your success once you are in the industry. We understand the importance of being able to run your business and communicate your message effectively, and so we teach and support these skills.

Building and sustaining a business in the fitness industry is simple, if you have a structure, a focus and a community rooting for you.  Faster has built a system that works using skills that will keep you making small positive actions every day of the year, every year. In the business courses we offer the tools to build your operations, so that you offer amazing service, to plan your marketing to allow you to generate clients and to build systems to protect your finances. We also teach you the skills to build your confidence when presenting, online, live on zoom or live in person.  From creating content, to delivering in a way that makes your content seem magnetic. Every September we start to take people in for our Business and Digital Presenter Mentorship, where we offer all our new courses for that year, plus some that will be exclusive to that membership year. 
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Courses to help you build your business