Upgrade your fitness, injury and performance knowledge

If you have a Level 3 Personal Training course and you want to start to improve your knowledge, skills and delivery then you need to look at these courses. We will help you become the Guru to your clients, which makes them the hero.  The skills below will make you better than your competitors and most of the industry. 

Science, technical skills, and a system to make you stand out as a reputable and excellent trainer in a movement industry full of fads. 

In an industry that falls for any technique or training device that is supported by a fallacy, FASTER is the company that is built to help you avoid that trap and continue to bring your clients amazing results using valid science you found using our courses and community. This is the best place to learn about pain, injury, skill development, performance training and how to train any client

The FASTER process that underlies all of our courses is simple - 
  • Know the exact outcomes of your client
  • Find the right question(s) to ask the research
  • Filter the research to make sure it is quality, relevant, substantial and up to date.
  • Use your skills of movement observation (every Bone, Muscle and Joint predicted in motion)
  • Use your skills of movement building (every Bone, Muscle and Joint accessed with ease)
  • Build the exact loading for the outcome of the movement
  • Design a long term plan based on client inspiration and motivation combined with loading and rest parameters
  • Use feeling, emotion and experience planning to deliver the training session that will have your client working hard and coming back
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