FASTER Hub Club - Take one hub course get them all


Learn to use the FASTER Hub to create complicated movements or complex workouts that your clients can do easily. Every time we run a live course, new or repeat, then we open the doors to new members. Once you are in as a trainer, then you get all the new courses, you don't pay again, these courses just appear.  Also if we have space, you can keep coming back on the live course, and if we run out of space, we organise another day, so you can make it anyway. Here are the current Hub courses, more are coming - 
  • The Original Hub Course
  • Hub Sports Performance
  • Hub Strong

Coming in 2022
  • Hub Run
  • Hub Group
  • Hub Speed and Agility

  • More courses are planned, CIMSPA points are on the way and the Group course will come with the Level 2 Training Groups
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    FASTER Hub Club - Upcoming Live Courses

    Live courses will be on here shortly, we give 12 weeks notice of the event in order to allow production of the Hub.  These hubs are limited and exclusive, watch this space to learn more.
    John Hardy CEO

    FASTER Hub Club - Upcoming Live Courses

    FASTER Hub Club - Exercise Library

    A day playing with a medicine ball

    We took a day out of our schedule and we used the skills we have taken from the course, combined this with the idea of not judging an exercise until we need it for a client, and built several clusters (similar movements in a skill family) and then filmed them to inspire others in the group to build better! 
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