Now is the Time to Become a Personal Trainer

Now is the time to become a Personal Trainer, because now is the time that you need to own your future.  COVID 19, lockdown, and before those the change in the way people earn money, from employed to the gigging economy has meant that having a skill that brings you a living that you control will help you stay recession-proof.

The following is a four-stage process to becoming a Personal Trainer that will help you make the jump to a new career as a Personal Trainer. 

Stage 1
Get certified - we offer the Level 2 and 3 in the UK to get you the certificates that will allow you to buy appropriate insurance and work in the UK chains. Additionally, we can offer support on how you can take these qualifications and use them around the world.

Stage 2 
Build a business plan. - As part of the Level 3 course, you will build a business plan that will give you an overview of your first year.  With FASTER's FSQUAD, we will work with you to create a 3-5 year plan including how to identify your financial driver, BHAG, Operation, Marketing and Financial Plans.  These will be broken down into daily actions and supported by the FSQUAD community.

Stage 3
Specialise - Using one of FASTER's ongoing training; we will deliver the skills you need to find your specialisation.  Unlike other courses which produce carbon copy trainers, our courses show you how to grow and become better with the clients you deserve.  As you grow, you will naturally start specialising, which will help you to become more valuable to your clients, and the specificity will allow you to be more efficient with marketing spend.

Stage 4 
Network - Growing in the industry will require a network of trainers, peers, veteran trainers and presenters with different businesses, locations, specialisations and styles.  At FASTER, we have our own Social Media page inside our website.  So you can be professional with your networking, without sifting through adverts or worrying about people having to see you tagged in embarrassing photos or reading quotes from your Mum.

Personal Training is not for everyone. If you enjoy using a wide range of skills, being part of a supportive and fun community and you want to know a company has your back for your whole career, then you should consider one of our programmes. 

We have a load of free articles in this blog, and if you click on the courses, you will find some information on each class.  Also please have a chat by clicking our team in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.  
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