How to find the clients you want

Have any of the following thoughts gone through your head?
– I wish I could train celebrities
– I wish I could train athletes and pro-sports
– I wish I could charge more
– I wish I could fly, survive in no atmosphere and train aliens
(Okay, the last one might just be me, it is good to have a goal though!)

In the last year, four of my trainers have hit the £100+ an hour mark for Personal Training sales. They have been training A-list celebrities, athletes and high-income individuals (including royalty). This though is not the goal for all trainers and not realistic for all trainers, what is realistic though is to get you a fair price and clients you love.

What does your price mean?
A lot of Personal Trainers believe that your price is a reflection of your experience or your competency (or both). The reality is that whatever price you charge, you should be confident and competent before training someone.

Price is a way of telling the community what level of disposable income the clients will have that you are targeting. Your marketing and then delivery will determine how successful you are.

All clients deserve excellent service, and so the price should be irrelevant when you start to set yourself targets. Consider building yourself a list of the essentials and use that to build out your service.

An example

Level 1 Service –
– On time
– Pre-session text
– Post-session text
– Easy payment system
– Smart and presentable
– Pre-designed sessions
– Qualified in the correct field

Level 2 Service –
– Client branding (T-shirts, water bottles as rewards)
– Homework/exercises
– Specific Facebook invite-only group
– Recipies
– Social gatherings and events

Level 3 Service – This is the level you would build for the client base you wish to train.

To get to the client base with the required money and need for you as a Personal Trainer, will require some research. Mainly this would involve looking at the other products and services that these clients would use and find attractive.

Use the products and services that attract this client base to give you an idea of the marketing and service you need to build into the way you work. For example, a lower level of income client often puts a value on value. Meaning that Level 3 might be rewards of free sessions for loyalty, extra services without a fee and money off offers in order to attract clients. For a client with a more substantial income, then the Level 3 service might be around quality, so you would advertise as you started to get better qualifications, better results and maybe use your client base as a way of networking for your clients.

Finding your client
If you have built the right pricing and marketing based on your research, then the next step is to find these people. The best description of successful marketing I have heard was on a course called “The Check-in Strategy Journal Workshop” where marketing was described as, “Being visible to a client when they have the itch to purchase your service.”

To be around for the itch, then it is essential that you build content and appear in the places that these clients look.

The requirements for marketing well in today’s marketplace are as follows –

Story Telling (for social media and your website)
  • Photography / Design (can be outsourced but original design and photography will set you apart)
  • Budget (Social Media is crowded, yet the place that people look for information. This often means spending on adverts to be seen)
  • Engaging Content (linked to storytelling, but also to clients success and general information for comments)
  • On top of this, you need to make sure you understand your product and the way you train, well enough to be able to produce content that will reflect this knowledge.

In our FSQUAD group, we help you find this by working on your tilt, the characteristics that make you, you. It means you will be able to start replicating and enhancing the traits you have naturally, that make you so likeable and cool!

In Summary
I would suggest that you have to do the following well to start attracting the clients you want –

1 – Identify the client you would like to train, in as much detail as you can
2 – Research the competition and build your business plan around the maximum price this group could afford for a Personal Trainer
3 – Look at all the places, products and services that attract your client
4 – Build your marketing in the same style, and your service plan with similar traits to the products and services your clients use
5 – Market (usually paid and social media based) to the clients you want to attract.
6 – Look for and attend social events and business meetings, where your clients will be attending
7 – Use PR, current clients, mates, other professionals (network like crazy) and try and get introduced to your client base in person

Final Thoughts
– Edgy marketing does not mean swearing and being smug about it
– The more authentic you are in your marketing, the better you will sell
– It is your skill level and experience that will keep your clients, not attract them
– Remember that persistence and daily actions will be your best traits when trying to build your business