Improve your Fitness Business with Ritual

Business anxiety is the worry you feel about opening emails, answering the phone and sitting in your office or gym, about to start a day that you think won't turn out as you want. If your business is your sole income and takes up the majority of your life, it can feel crushing.

Business anxiety is something I have had since September 2006, when I started FASTER, with just a name I didn't like. It has never fully gone away, although I have renamed it business jitters, to remind me of the stage feeling that helps me so much before I do a stand-up gig.

At one point my business consumed nearly all of my headspace, as I fought to keep it alive, the only relief I had was that I read the same thing happened to people like Richard Branson, who owned Gyms, Coal, an Airline and a load of music shops yet still wasn't safe.

The point I have slowly heading towards is the way to get over this anxiety.

1 - Mindset - I hate the way this word is used, but it is the best way I can describe the change you need to make. You have to detach from the emotion, plan for the long term and live the emotional minute.

2 - Ritual - Build some long term and short term rituals, base them on your fitness periodisation model. So each day has a ritual to help the business, then every four to six weeks, plan some downtime of some kind. When business is poor, that might be a walk in the park for a few hours for three days, when it is better, it might be a long weekend every 6 weeks and a week off every 18.

3 - Focus on the business with a daily ritual that will help all aspects of what you do. The key to this is to build the three main components of your business daily.

The three key components of business success. (OMF)

Build your financial plan at the start of the year, with decisions on price, money collection etc, and make your daily financial decisions around sales, collections and costs. Have one task per day for this and no more.

Work on the quality and efficiency of your business delivery daily, as with financials, complete one task a day on the operations of your business.

A great operation fails due to marketing, a great marketing campaign fails due to poor operations. If you are doing one important task a day for operations, then you should be doing the same for Marketing.

This OMF focus will help you when things are down, and if you follow the route to success in a business then when the chips are down you will look at your marketing and operations to solve them, and keep straight with your financials, especially collections!!

My ritual -
1 - Morning Brown - it reminds me of America
2 - Write my daily OMF
3 - Plan my schedule including when I will check emails
4 - Start the day

Emergency mood changer - get out for a walk, or pop a comedy video on and chill out a little before going back to my schedule.

I also aim to work in 45-minute blocks with 5-10 minutes of rest time, this helps when I don't fall down the black hole of work!

I hope this helps some of you on a Monday morning, as I know this is when the phone starts ringing, and especially at the end of the month, this is when things can get tough.