Personal Trainers is your business heading in the right direction?

John Hardy MSc

Where are you going with that tyre?

A lot of trainers work hard to try and get clients, but without direction they struggle to see results.  Sometimes they need a client quickly, and then they work harder without focus. Working hard is good, but focussed work is better.  For example, pushing the tyre flat looks cool, but rolling it on its side is more efficient.  If the goal was bigger muscles, then he might want to roll the tyre away and go do some proper lifting.  Here is a list of the things I see trainers do and say which seem cliché,


-       I am looking for (insert number) (insert descriptor) to join my 12-week transformation

-       Check out my technical video on my deadlift

-       See what I ate today

-       Come and join our team of (insert fitness goal)

-       This is how my group are doing today


The point about a cliché is that it was a good idea the first time the first person used it, and so you will get a diminishing response each time it is used, unless you can find a personal spin on it.



Nowhere special I am just looking great, so I get more clients

Looking like you are working, and impressing peers is a good way to deliver cliched content and stay as part of the crowd.  The sooner you put a system that can be measured in to place, the sooner you will start to find more new clients. A good system looks like this –


-       Initial Contact

-       Reason to enquire

-       Easy system to share details

-       Follow up with time-based offer

-       Referral process if they sign up (or not)


You should then be tracking the following –


-       How many views each post gets

-       How many people out of the views visit the website

-       Which posts have the best conversion to website visit

-       Conversions from website view to enquiry

-       Conversions from enquiry to sale

-       Referrals from the sale

-       Retention of the client


This information will start to give you an idea of where to focus your attention on your business. Of the seven categories it could be argued that none of those relate to price, and yet the majority of Personal Trainers will resort to price changes as soon as their business is suffering.  It is often used to generate enquiries; with the above measurements you will just be able to pull out the best posts for website views.


It’s simple, be a good trainer and tell everyone

The simplest thing in the world to say and one of the hardest things to do, so I created another list for you.


-       If people don’t view your posts – learn headlines and building visuals

-       If people don’t click to your website – learn to write better short copy and calls to action

-       If people go to your website and enquire – learn to sell the reason to enquire better

-       If people enquire and you cannot get to speak to them – check your marketing message is bringing the right people in

-       If people enquire and you cannot convert them to sales – learn how to build a compelling experience that leads to a sale

-       If the clients, you attract are outside of your skill set but want to train with you – do a technical fitness course

-       If you struggle to keep clients, then work on your operations – do a technical fitness course



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