Making Sales in the Summer

It's that time of the year when clients go on holiday and your income could be dropping.

A lack of new clients, a reduction in income and a need to find new clients can trigger an emotion, which can then lead to negative feelings. These feelings can accumulate to cause stress or anxiety, which can have a negative impact on your business.
The result could be that you focus on doing deals and dropping your price (the Finance in OMF), a better approach would be to consider either Operations (O) or Marketing (M), here are 6 things you could do,

1 - Outdoor short sessions (Operations)
2 - Group training for the summer survivors (Operations)
3 - Event-based training, where you offer clients the chance to train for a summer event, either an organised event or set up by yourself such as a trip to the seaside, a park run and a meal. (Operations)
4 - Reach out to your current clients with a video, encouraging them to share your business and help you find referrals (Marketing)
5 - Start a series of online videos to solve common fitness problems, to raise your awareness (Marketing)
6 - Contact local businesses and see if you can do some presenting or client sharing promotions. (Marketing)

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