Writing a post to attract clients

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To get a new client, you need to take most of them through a process which includes,

Catching their attention
Building Trust
Demonstrating Success
Offering a limited-time deal
Signing them up

In order to catch their attention, then you need to be able to build social media posts that grab peoples attention. This requires -

An amazing title (we use lists to do this on our FSQUAD and Digital Presenter Courses)
The most eye-catching yet relevant image you can find
A promise in the first sentence, that is about the client
A body of text that stays on that promise (most trainers try to offer too much in a post)
A specific call to action (click this link, and type in your email)

To generate a compelling title, I suggest the following process -
1 - Free write everything you want to say in the post
2 - Pull out the one big thing you want to say from the free write
3 - Start writing titles, make your first few as long as you want, just so that you get the info in
4 - Take your favourite 2 or 3 and try to combine the best parts of them
5 - Try to write the title again in 1/2 the number of words
6 - Check your title is compelling (so it is catchy, it rhymes if possible, it has a reference that is easy to pick up on, it makes the promise clear).

I use www.pixabay.com for my images and I tend to modify them a little in order to make them specific to my talk. In this post, I thought the image was strong enough on its own. Have a scroll to my Imposter Syndrome cat though for a modified image.

After the image then consider your next few words, remember short sentences and lists are very useful, especially their visual appeal on a social media post.

Re-write the description and list a few times, to try and get the ideal content, always go for fewer words and make sure all the points stay on the one message.

Finally, once you have listed the amazing benefits to take on your offer of a free way to learn to trust you, then you need to spell out the clients next action.

For Example
If you want to get click the link and fill in your email address, then the website will get you your immediately after

The keys to a successful post will be -
1 - A compelling title that has been written many times
2 - Content and lists that speak to your client and what they gain
3 - A specific set of instruction for what to do next