A 6 Step Process to Keep you Current and Grow your Niche

John Hardy

A 6 Step Process to keep you current and grow your niche

Read this article if you want to grow your business and achieve your goals in the industry, in your way, where your favourite clients will drive your style and bring you to your natural niche. 
I started building this simple process in 1994, and it is the key to being happy in your role, being wanted, appreciated, well-rested, satisfied and paid appropriately in our industry. 
Here are the four primary components of having a successful career in the industry – 
Question Development and Research Skills
Technical Skills – Biomechanics observations and delivery
Communication Skills 
Business Skills 
In practice, if you have the processes in place, then every session with every client becomes another step towards building a niche from your truth.
Here is an example of these components in our process, 
1 – Client comes in with a perception of their goal
2 – Using an open-ended questioning system (why-why-so-so), to find the client’s real purpose and build a real long term goal.
  • Make Diagnosed Injury a hurdle and not a goal
  • Refer undiagnosed Injury and Pain
  • Recognise Pain is a feeling, based on emotion in the context of the period they experience the pain

3 – You take the long term goal, their current status and you hit the research. If you have already hit the research on this topic, then this is a quick step.  
  • Use high-quality studies
  • Refine your question as you search for studies
  • Read both sides of the argument
  • Come to a conclusion based on the best science, no science and opinion is not competent evidence

4 – Applying the available studies to the client programme using all the technical skills required to do that.  
  • Apply HMAC eyes (how to see every movement, in order, and its effect on every muscle) 
  • Apply knowledge of the ‘big eight’ of movement creation (how to make any combination of movement happen)
  • Apply the FASTER Exercise generator (using the generator to build skill and performance exercise clusters) 
  • Define loading strategies 
  • Design story-based programming for optimum biomechanics and energy system development. 

5 – Coaching skills using different delivery styles. 
  • Ensure each component (beat) of the programme (story) perfect delivery 
  • Making your clients experience one that they talk about and share. 
  • Applying the skills, you need to ensure that the client does not interpret training emotions into the feeling of pain. 

6 – Marketing and social media skills to take what you have learned and add it to your developing story online.  
It will be the stories that develop from the repeated use of this process that will help you build your niche. 
Your niche will inform your voice, marketing plan, delivery, price and long term success. 
Accelerate your success by having a community to guide and help you through the process. Then each time you hit a bump in the road, that group will motivate, share knowledge and make sure you keep developing as the individual you are. 
It would be best if you now jumped on one of the FASTER Mentorships. 
These are not courses because we keep asking you back without asking you to keep paying. It is a community because people do keep coming back. We will help you build the skills you need to follow the process and develop the real you.
When I put together my Mentorships and built my business plan to future proof trainers, then I wrote the advice I wanted to give every trainer I come in to contact with, which is – 
“Learn how to find your clients questions, ask those to the research, devise a plan, communicate the solution and tell other people. To tell other people, you need to learn how to write your find your style, develop a story, develop your style of delivery, and then consistently deliver it.”
John Hardy