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As well as lessons, we have ebooks with your own notes system, assignments, live 1-1 practical training and 1-1 zoom support

An Example Lesson from each Course

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An Example of a Level 2 Lecture

This module would be followed by tasks, and zoom calls.  The associated ebook allows you to create a personal notes book in the system as well as highlight and ask direct questions from the book. 
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An Example of a Level 3 Lecture

As with Level 2 this module comes with an ebook, tasks and a 1-1 Zoom follow-up.  Also the Level 3 is working towards a comprehensive case study where programme design skills are vital.
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John Hardy Msc

Founder of FASTER Health and Fitness in 2006, John had a mission to change the industry by using education as a platform to improve people’s lives.  With an emphasis on building education that is scientifically accurate, applied in the real world and constantly growing. The science is held to a high and consistent level to ensure that students get to train their clients with integrity.  His desire to make his students his showcase means that most of his courses involve an invite back for free system. To take this a step further, he created communities around all his courses, with people coming back for 10 years plus, and sharing everything from jobs to social nights in the Whatsapp groups and now on here.