Joanne Groves and AMy Snelling with FOCUS Present

Menopause, Prenatal Preparation, Post-Natal Recovery: A Research & Skill Development Fitness Bundle

This bundle combines the latest research with practical skill development, equipping fitness professionals with the tools needed to support their clients' health and wellness effectively during menopause, prenatal preparation, and post-natal recovery.
Three courses that covers everything you will need to be a Research and Skill Development Specialist with a focus specifically on three stages of life that need focus - 
  • Pre-natal
  • Post-natal
  • Climacteric (Perimenopause through to Menopause)
You also get access to a membership designed to deliver a safe space to develop your skills further. 
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Courses included

Menopause, Prenatal Preparation, Post-Natal Recovery

Upskill in techniques that will grow your knowledge and skills in all areas of your training, not only with people affected by these changes in their bodies.