Personal Training with a Sports Specific Focus

Introducing our Sports Specific Course, a comprehensive training program designed for those eager to complete their Level 2/3 Personal Training and Strength and Conditioning Courses. With dual certification from Active IQ and FOCUS Awards, this course offers unparalleled value.

But that's not all!

You'll also gain access to our combined Field Based Biomechanics Coach and Movement Trainer Course. This unique program teaches anatomy in a practical, hands-on way that you can immediately apply with clients in the gym or on the field.

Our Field Based Biomechanics course demystifies bone motions, joint feelings, and muscle reactions, making them easily observable. The Movement Trainer course, on the other hand, empowers you to create bespoke exercises for your clients, with thousands of movement variants and the flexibility to use any training tool.These courses are about learning a process, not memorising every bone, muscle, and joint. It's a practical, applicable approach to fitness training.

Additionally, our Fitness Business Accelerator course offers one-to-one guidance to build a robust business and marketing plan, setting you on the path to success.These courses are not just about conforming to the sports industry; they're about equipping you to think critically, communicate effectively with professionals, and conduct the necessary research to deliver exceptional service to your clients.

And it's not just for professional athletes.

The skills taught in this course are applicable to training regular clients, many of whom enjoy this approach to fitness.Our supportive community, accessible via WhatsApp groups and live Zoom meet-ups, is always there for you, even after you've qualified.

Plus, all course updates are free.You can start your journey with us immediately, beginning with the Level 2/3 course.
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