Limited Space Mentorship with CEO JOHN HARDY MSC

Become a Personal Trainer - Coached from Scratch

If you want to be the best in the industry then this is a years commitment to being coached every week 1-1. The course delivery means you will get the exact courses, knowledge and learning experience you need to have an amazing career in our industry. 

You will be committing to a year of coaching 1-1 with weekly catch ups on Zoom and 4 in person 1-1 days. You will start by being taken through the Level 2/3 course to qualify you as a Personal Trainer. 
Then I move into a coach role, where I use any of the courses at my disposal, plus all of my contacts in the industry to build you the career start you deserve.  

You will see below that as a minimum I will take you through 
- 1-1 Level 2/3 Personal Training Diploma
- 1-1 Business Accelerator Content 
- Field based biomechanics Coach
- Movement Coach
- 1-1 Specialist Programme Design

Additionally I will use the courses inside of Faster to get you certified and successful training clients of your choice.  This could include - 
- Pre-Postnatal
- Level 4 Strength and Conditioning
- Group Training
- Children's Training
- Level 3 Teaching and Training Awards
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Payment Transparency

Faster has two goals from its pricing, 

1 - For people who can afford to pay up front, then we offer a discount on the full price. We do this because it reduces the business risk to Faster and it helps us to continue as a boutique business. 

2 - For people who need to spread payment, we do that through our own invoicing system, or through external companies if you prefer. We try to make the monthly payment choice varied to allow you to protect your cash flow. 

Course Lessons