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Biomechanics and Movement Coach Live on Zoom

Two courses put together to cover Kinetics, the biomechanics skill required to build and load exercises, and kinematics, the biomechanics skill to evaluate motion. 

Clients trust trainers with confidence and these two courses will show you how to have confidence in your - 

  • Knowledge of bones, joints and muscles
     - The order they move in

     - How they influence each other
  • Knowledge of movement descriptions

     - Movements in space

     - Movements around their specific pivots 
  • Ability to build specific movement assessments for clients
  • Movements that highlight where skill development is required
  • Movements that highlight a lack of strength or power
  • Knowledge on how and when to adjust traditional exercises for better skill development and power output
  • Ability to build loaded movements specifically for your clients with an almost unlimited range of exercise choices and variables
  • Ability to programme with the right intensity, volume, load, rest and experience 

Learn live on zoom with John Hardy and get 20 CIMSPA CPD's in this one off course running 11-2 on Jan 6,7,13 and 14.
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The course is supported with notes, audio and videos
You keep the course notes for life via the website, if we update the course you get to see that for fre
The course will run live on Zoom so you can ask questions through chat or in person
To gain the CPD points from CIMSPA you need to complete the online multiple choice quizzes
Re-assessments are free and unlimited on the quizzes
Additional 1-1 support can be delivered to support tough modules

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