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Lesson series

Fitness Business Accelerator

This course is for the trainer that wants to streamline the parts of being a Personal Trainer that is tough and concentrating on the fun parts, training clients, seeing results, sharing knowledge, and enjoying time off to train and spend with friends or family. 

FASTER is about helping the individual do exceptionally well, and this course will focus on you. The following is what we will do in the 12 weeks you will spend in this business group:

UNIQUE EXPERT 1-1 ADVICE - You will get to write a SWOT analysis on your own business/situation and then have a one to one to work through it with Bob Esquerre (this is worth the course fee on its own. Additionally, you will get individual 1-1 feedback on every task you submit from Faster founder John Hardy. 

RAPID CONTENT CREATION USING AI - We will show you how to use AI (artificial intelligence) with apps that include and go beyond Chat GPT, showing you how to avoid sounding like everyone else using it and blindly copying and pasting the content.  

STORYTELLING - John has spent since 2007 learning how to tell and deliver stories, using his background in fitness to make this work for our industry.  Learn the technique he has brought together after learning from McKee (Story Seminar), Second City, UCB, Save the Cat and more, and find out how to use these skills to tell your and your client's story that is quick and compelling.

HOW TO BUILD CONTENT ACROSS PLATFORMS - Building from work done in the course on finding great content, the course shows how to build great content for all social media platforms without spending all day just posting.

THE SKILLS OF SELLING - Getting potential clients to engage is one thing. Taking the discussion to the next stage and getting them to buy is the key to success. Using the skills in rapport, nudging, and tackling objections, we show how to negotiate, stand your ground, and make high-value sales without feeling like a high-pressure salesperson.


USING HUMOUR TO GO VIRAL - Being funny on purpose is a skill. It is a learnable skill and is about finding your quirks.  We are not trying to make you a stand-up or comedy writer but about getting your intuitive sense of humour to appear natural and funny.  You will also learn how to get your client's sense of humour into your posts, which will supercharge your referrals. 

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Bob Esquerre MA, MES, NSCA-CPT
Member, Harvard Business Review Advisory Council (2008)

Specialties: Areas of Expertise
• Business Development Specialist
• Brand Development Specialist
• Training Personal Trainers: Technical & Business Skills
• Fitness Program Design & Development
• Musculoskeletal Analysis & Structural Integrity Assessments
• Sports Performance Training Specialist
• Training Clients who have orthopedic conditions [Post-rehabilitation]
• Training Clients who are classified as Special Populations
• Program Development Specialist
• Management Development Specialist

John Hardy MSc
Founder of FASTER Health and Fitness

Specialties: Areas of Expertise
• Communication through story
• Communication through humour
• Social media content skills:
Building content through abundance
Finding content through filters
Applying technology to marketing content
Bulding emotional routes for products
• Delivery skills
Presenting Live
Presenting Online
• Applying Sports Science and Research for clients of all backgrounds