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Injury Recovery to Performance Specialist

If you want to have absolute confidence when being approached to train a client with an injury, illness or one that is suffering pain which is acute or chronic, this is the course for you.  Ollie shows you how to become a clients guru (calm, wise, great at coaching, happy to see the client get their own success), while your client grows into becoming the superhero of their story where the story is about how the client tackles and over comes their injury, illness or pain. 
This course has a live format and an online format that you can enrol on at anytime, get stuck into the content and become part of the Faster  community. The live Zoom lectures rotate each week and are recorded for people who can't make it live. 

Why you need to be a movement guru

The Injury Recovery to Performance Course was written to help you become the Guru of your clients success. It puts your client firmly in the seat of achieving their results and it makes you a desirable trainer to hire and keep working with.  This course is built to make you technically better at dealing with clients that have injuries or illness, either short or long term in nature. 
  • Regular Zoom calls running through each module
  • Permanent Invites back to the calls
  • Start anytime and watch the pre-recorded lectures
  • Each module has its own ebook to support the lecture
  • You can build your own online notes section with simple highlights
  • The Whatsapp and FASTER website community is active and gives out lots of hints, tips, advice as well as sharing opportunities
Watch this video of Ollie, taking you through how she runs the live Zoom and the online video components of the course. 
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John Hardy MSc

Founder of FASTER Health and Fitness in 2006, John had a mission to change the industry by using education as a platform to improve people’s lives.  With an emphasis on building education that is scientifically accurate, applied in the real world and constantly growing. The science is held to a high and consistent level to ensure that students get to train their clients with integrity.  His desire to make his students his showcase means that most of his courses involve an invite back for free system. To take this a step further, he created communities around all his courses, with people coming back for 10 years plus, and sharing everything from jobs to social nights in the Whatsapp groups and now on here.