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Mariano's Story Telling Seminars

Mariano- The Second City Film School, he brings his expertise to our group in the form of communicating through story. This is a course full of the first year of live seminars, with tasks and reviews from Mariano.  Scroll  down to find out more.

Perfect the art of story telling

This course was taught from November 2020 through to October 2021 with monthly live calls, tasks and feedback.  You can now get access to all the lectures over 12 weeks AND you will get Marianos written feedback for all 12 tasks as well as 3 live sessions of zoom time to help you perfect your story telling skills, which will directly link to Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and anywhere else you share marketing videos. 
  • 12 Videos from the course, recorded live
  • Ebooks to support the course content
  • 12 Tasks with written feedback from Mariano
  • 3 Hour long 1-1 sessions on zoom with Mariano
Watch this video of Mariano presenting live for the FASTER FTE trainers, where he discusses how to build story.
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Mariano DiMarco MFA

Is currently on the faculty of Second City Film School, he also teaches for Columbia College, where he teaches specifically on story telling through comedy in Television and  film.Mariano has an MFA in Film, Cinema and Video studies Currently Mariano has his own writing group and consultancy based in Chicago