Motor Skills Application Specialist - How to train any client

Motor Skills application specialist

Learn how to manage a client from any background and with any need, through a process of interview, research, exercise design and programming for experience.   

Motor skill application specialist teaches all the important skills that are left out of most fitness education courses. As the title says, everything in fitness is about being able to move well, and then enough, while negotiating barriers that the clients bring.  To do this you have to be able to listen, define, research and build programming with accuracy.  That is what this course teaches. It includes - 

  • Regular Zoom calls running through each module
  • Permanent Invites back to the calls
  • Start anytime and watch the pre-recorded lectures
  • Each module has its own ebook to support the lecture
  • You can build your own online notes section with simple highlights
  • The Whatsapp and FASTER website community is active and gives out lots of hints, tips, advice as well as sharing opportunities
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