FASTER Hub Training

Why should I take this course?

The FASTER hub course comes with its own Hub, and gives you access to the whole Hub family of courses. As we grow the hub courses, including the live meet-ups, you will continue to get access. It is also the only way you can own a Hub as a trainer. 
The Hub course is part of the Hub Club's family of courses.  It is multiple online modules to help you get to grips with how to get the best for your clients from this training tool. 

As well as lectures, workouts and live meet-ups, we also offer a vibrant Whatsapp group, which shares exercises, workouts, questions, links and opportunities. 

Using the Hub to deliver complicated movements and complex combination movements can improve the speed of which clients pick up new skills.  This is because having an external target (having the client think about what to hit, not what to squeeze), combined with many ways of challenging the movement, is the combination that will allow the client to develop skill quickly.

Injury and Performance movements are easy to build using the hub because the targets allow a trainer to produce a precise movement, that in the hands of a skilled movement professional, will allow the client to replicate a sports movement or protect a joint while moving. 
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John Hardy Msc

Football is a game that he didn't play to a high standard, although he was a Division 4 Mansfield Sunday League leading goal scorer in 1992, he career was cut short by a lack of talent. By the age of 17, John had completed his first year as a sports coach and had just passed his FA Preliminary coaching badge. This started his passion for coaching, which lead to an obsession with movement and exercise planning.Although he firmly believes in Science driving answers, and that you are as good as the research you put into the job, it is also important in the S&C community that you can back this up with qualifications and experience.John has worked with GB Netballers, Premiership Footballers, other Professional Footballers, National Canoe Polo Players, Olympic Triathletes,  Professional Rugby Players and more as well as having his Football Performance course be referenced positively at a national soccer convention in the US. In a massive call to authority (see the course content), he has also trained up to MSc level in Sports Science with an emphasis on Injury and Performance, to compliment his Degree in Coaching and Fitness. He attended GAIN (Vern Gambetta's internship), GIFT and also qualified with the NASM on their Performance Enhancement Specialist and Sports Performance Specialist as well as completing his NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.