Sports Performance Expert 2023/24

Learn the biomechanics, physiological, psychological, programming and delivery skills for sports performance.
Lesson series

Sports Performance Expert

Trainers who work with athletes or aspire to work with athletes and want to do their very best for them, need skills that are readily available in most Sports Performance or Strength and Conditioning courses. Faster noticed that potentially great sports performance coaches were missing the fundamental skills to deliver the quality of exercise and rest required to take their clients up to their potential. Most courses just teach lifting, agility, periodisation and giving a nodding glance to research by suggesting books, and other coaches. 

Faster has designed the course that will help Sports Performance Coaches, to disrupt the industry by using up to date science, combined with skills that can be used immediately on the field and experiences that get the most of their athletes. 

We teach you how to:
  • Find the real problems that are facing your athlete 
  • Research from a great question 
  • Refine and make decisions based on a consistent high standard
  • Identify movements using field-based biomechanics 
  • Build assessments that are academic, correlation or self-created and athlete matched 
  • Change movements using targets and game 
  • Design and develop on the spot sport specific exercises, with perfect load 
  • Understand how to move an athlete between skill development and performance training 
  • Understand the mechanics of fatigue and how to use this for maximum performance outcomes 
  • Understand the difference between pain and injury 
  • Manage athletes from injury back to performance 
  • Plan for the long and short-term success of the athlete in competition and training 

 The way we teach means that you get all the experience of a dressing room, the content of a degree and the live training to back it up. Not to mention the socials where we get to know each other, share contacts, and make friends for life. As with every FASTER course you get invited back year on year without having to pay again, and so you will meet FASTER trainers from years ago, and some just starting their journey, all on the same course. Learn the biomechanics, physiological, psychological, programming and delivery skills for Sports Performance.
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Mesocycle 1

- Science, Research & Testing
- Defining the Athlete's Goal
- Critical Thinking
- Research Techniques
- Finding the Right Question
- Filtering Evidence 
- Reading Research
- Athletic Testing
- Building Relevant Assessments

Testing & Data Capture Weekend

- Traditional Testing in Sport
- Hybrid Testing, progressing the specificity
- Building Relevant Assessments

Mesocycle 2: Performance Anatomy

- Field Based Biomechanics (Bones, Joints & Muscles in Motion)
- Neurobiology in Sports Performance
- Classification & Development of Skill
- Base Exercises, Variables & Exercise Generator
- Skill Performance Continuum
- Components of Speed & the Science Behind Increasing it
- Agility
- Endurance & Fatigue Management
- Mobility & Flexibility
- Strength & Conditioning
- Power & Plyometrics
- Performance Focussed Exercise Creation
- Biomechanics to Strength (loading exercises)

Strength & Conditioning Weekend

- Practical Use of Traditional S&C lifts, plyometrics etc
- Practical Sport Specific Exercise Creation and Loading

Mesocycle 3: Injuries, Psychology & Programming

- Injury Prediciton & Prevention
- Injury Frequency & Epidemiology
- Rehabilitation & Return to Play
- Workload Management
- Inspiration & Motivation (Performance Psychology)Session Planning
- Session Planning
- In Session Delivery
- Periodisation & Optimising Performance
- Long Term Athletic Development
- Delivery to Clubs
- Delivery to Management

Re-Testing & Programming Weekend

- Re-testing from everything in weekend 1: traditional to Specific
- Exercise Building & Loading
- Programming