AIQ Level 3 Award in supporting Pre and Postnatal clients with Exercise and Nutrition

Why should I take this course?

The AIQ Level 3 Award in Supporting Pre and Postnatal clients with Exercise and Nutrition is the certificate you need to be recognised by CIMSPA as certified to work with the pre and postnatal special populatations group.
This course is built by FASTER so you know that we have focussed on how we can best deliver the information in way that will allow you to be the best you can for your clients.  On top of this, we have added in lectures and content to make sure you can stay at the top of the industry and the forefront of the research.

All of the modules are taught to AIQ standards, and we have a system of standards measured by both AIQ and our own appointed outside assessor, to support our tutors who will work 1-1 with you to help you not only pass, but come out the other end of the course confident and ready to work with your new client base.

The course is taught and assessed online, we have pre-made content which is updated regularly, as well as having links to allow you to easily book 1-1 zoom or phone calls to get you through any individual sticking points you might reach.  You start the courses as soon as you sign up, no waiting, and when you have finished, you will still have access to the course notes for the rest of the time we run this or an equivalent course. 
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