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Built for movement professionals who want everything and will obsess about the details

Expand your knowledge, build techniques to learn it all, join a community that care and think as much as you and do it in a course that invites you back as a gift, without fee, every year, because you start as a student and end up as a welcome guest.

FTE makes you Faster Royalty, you will get access to most of our other courses for free (and the others at a discount), you will learn research, interviewing techniques, advanced field based biomechanics, the keys to unlimited exercise design, story based programme design, long term story based programme design, how to get a client to any goal, how to overcome injury, motivation, fear and other hurdles in the way, and them how to coach in a way that moves the client emotionally.

We overthink and obsess for you, or with you, to make sure you become all that you want to in your career. 
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In this course you'll learn about:

Finding and Applying

Learn how you fool yourself, how to find evidence at academic levels without reading for hours a day, how to read a paper quickly, how to use a great question to find the right research, how to challenge the industry and how to use this info with clients immediately. 

Creating Loveable Client

Learn and apply the exercise generator, a system of building client unique exercises that work for any training tool or environment. Use the skills of field based biomechanics where you can see every bone, joint, muscle and describe its role in a movement with just a glance, and apply Dynamic Systems based motor learning to bring this all together in story based long and short term programming. 

Unrivalled Communication
Skills and Techniques

Having the scientific and technical skills to build the best programmes in the industry is not enough for Faster, so we went out and studied more. How to deliver an experience, based on your knowledge of how to deal with pain and injury is going to bring a whole new level to your ability to communicate. Using techniques from theatre, improv, stand-up comedy, sketch writing, and sit com writing, you are going to learn how to move people emotionally in a way that will have them talking about you to everyone. 

Diverse students in ages, genders, ethnicities, and experiences in a community culture where everyone is welcome and everyone is encouraged to be unforgivably themselves.
We love characters!

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Learning how emotions work from the FTE 2023 course

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A Video from the Injury to Performance course - part of your FTE package!

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