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Female Personal Trainer

This group is an extension and upgrade from the Female Fitness Trainers group on Facebook.  Set-up and run by the inspirational Joanne Groves, this is a place where we use the collective knowledge, experience and connection of the FASTER group to help you knock down some of the additional walls you may face as a women in the fitness industry. With guts, courage, support and a lot of persistence, Joanne has managed to get to the level of International Presenter, Author and Course Director, this is a way of her giving back.
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Female Personal Trainer

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Joanne Groves

Hi, I am Joanne Groves, a wife of a supportive husband and mum of two fantastic kids ( but with them I'm biased). I enjoy my role as Course Director, International Master Trainer and Presenter with Faster health and fitness.I am no spring chicken with over 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry as a Movement Coach and Group X instructor and Educator. Becoming part of the Faster Education Team in 2007 was where my enthusiasm for personal training was truly ignited. I am extremely passionate about empowering trainers to deliver their clients the best experience that is evidence-based, giving each unique person what they want, how they want it