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Personal Trainers | New Year So What?

Exercise isn't just for the new year. All of the photos are how I feel around the motivational fitness crap that I see on every platform, everyday at this time of year.

The last thing I want to be is an unwanted gift or an expectation based on society comprising of anxiety, worry or an outlook of possible failure.

I don't feel the need to push motivational messages, as a trainer I don't need to make people feel guilty about not doing a "workout" whatever that classification is in context to a person.

Though I realise that some may feel inspired from some of those motivational posts as well, that's fine too.If the time is right and I fit into the right time for someone then what a lovely great thing that is, finding out the goals of a person and working together to help them achieve them.

Something people don't talk about enough is that anything in life can be exercise, it's just we might call it; walking to the post office, cleaning the kitchen floor, doing the gardening. I would never want to add pressure to someone's life because they didn't sweat on a run or do 10 press ups a day.

Trainers don't need to push people into exercising however beneficial they might think it is. Some people might not be ready yet.

I want to showcase to people what I do for my current clients, show and talk about what my clients achieve and if they don't mind, why they achieved those goals.

That's how a trainer and client end up on a journey together. It's not directly to do with the diet, the exercise, muscle group, the heart rate or the calories.

For most people it's to do with the bigger outlook and what they really want to do again in life or something they want to do that they haven't ever done before.

I'm there if they feel they need me as that assistance to help them achieve those goals however big or small they might be.
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